Keep It Positive!

Keep It Positive!

Be You

Have Self-Trust

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(what) KIP Everyone includes 12 and 8 week programs tailored to at-risk youth as well as young adults in foster care or transitioning out.

(who) Nathan Brunetta has been providing KIP Coaching and Academic Life Coaching for over 2 years, is a foster parent, has worked with Just in Time for Foster Youth,

(Where) KIP Everyone coaching takes place on site at your organiation, or other comfortable locations.

(why) Advance wellness in at-risk youth, Giving them the support and encouragement they need so they can build skills for self-sufficiency and transition into a life they are proud of


-Scott Kurtz | (619) 201-1703

Nathan Brunetta

“Advisor. Coach. Strategist. Leader. These labels are often indiscriminately thrown around…or even self-ascribed. But Nathan has earned each one. My personal experience — as a client, a collaborator and an observer of his work over time — support this fact. His resume underscores his breadth of expertise. But beyond experience and knowledge, he brings strong character and an innate concern for others to every effort in which I’ve seen him engage. His counsel is thoughtful, and his voice is authentic. He is on my short list of personal and professional advisors, and I am pleased to recommend him, without reservation.”


-Abdi Yusuf, Executive Talent Recruiter